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מבחן דינמי של יכולות קריאה

Mivchan Dinami Shel Y'cholot Kriah

MaDYK is a universal screening assessment designed to quickly and easily assess and monitor individual students’ Hebrew reading skills.

Hebrew reading screenings and progress monitoring assessments:


Evidence-based measures of essential reading skills

Guides teaching and learning decisions

Informs timely instructional support to prevent reading difficulties


By design, MaDYK measures are brief, powerful indicators of foundational early literacy skills (phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension):

Quick and efficient to administer and score

Evaluates the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction, and interventions

• Support for RTI/Multi-tiered model

• Strong psychometric properties

In order to fully utilize and benefit from MaDYK’s program, we offer a variety of different training options.

These options supply the user with the tools and information needed to successfully implement MaDYK in their schools. 


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Mivchan Dinami Shel Y'cholot Kriah

מבחן דינמי של יכולות קריאה

MyDYK logoV outlines (002).png
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