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In order to fully utilize and benefit from MaDYK’s system of assessments, we offer a variety of different training options. These options supply the schools with the tools and information that they need to successfully implement MaDYK. We provide general training packages, and also work to customize training packages that fit the needs of each school.

Full Day Training

Basic Training  is given by MaDYK founder, Dr. Scott Goldberg.

A full-day training includes:

  1. Introduction to MaDYK

  2. Explicit training and practice on administration and scoring procedures for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Oral Reading Fluency measure

  3. Training for Letter Naming Fluency Measure

  4. Review of example data reports and approaches to data-informed decisions

  5. Planning for implementation


Dr. Goldberg is available to consult on site and through video conference for consulting on ongoing MaDYK implementation:

  1. Data Interpretation and Decision-Making

  2. Instructional Strategies and Methods

  3. Intervention Strategies and Methods

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