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About MaDYK

MaDYK is a universal screening assessment of Hebrew reading skills which give teachers the ability to simply and easily assess and monitor a child’s Hebrew reading level. 
MaDYK offers educators a quick, practical and innovative way to periodically assess and continually monitor students' Hebrew reading skills. This system delivers accurate information about each child and can be used to create personalized strategies to help students' achieve Hebrew reading success. 
Academic research by the creators of MaDYK, in consultation with Acadience Learning, has led to the development of international benchmarks of Hebrew reading skills. These benchmarks help determine the reading level of individual students and help educators create plans for further assessment and intervention based on the specific needs of each student. 
​Schools may have their own measures and assessments that give some indication of student learning. However, MaDYK's database ensures accurate and reliable information about student's Hebrew reading skills. 
​MaDYK is influenced by the extensive research which indicates that a child's ability to read is a significant predictor of overall academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success. The MaDYK team is committed to supporting and advancing children's literacy skills. 
Rabbi Rawicki –Ohr Reuven

What MaDYK has done for us...


 This type of testing and instant results is something that I have been yearning for years ... In light of the results and with the guidance of Dr. Goldberg, we made modifications in the way Hebrew reading is being taught in grades 1-3. I am really looking forward to the mid year testing and see if the results have improved.

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