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How It Works

How It Works

MaDYK is designed to assist teachers to quickly and easily assess student's reading skills.


MaDYK has adapted assessment and monitoring methods used for English reading skills to create assessments and methods for monitor reading development in Hebrew.


Students are tested three times a year, starting in the middle of first grade and ending at the end of third grade. Students read unfamiliar, grade-level passages to assess Oral Reading Fluency. Assessments for Letter Naming Fluency are available for Kindergarten and the beginning of 1st grade. Additional assessments are in development to complement the Oral Reading Fluency and expand the suite of available tools to assess and monitor the Hebrew reading progress of students.


MaDYK’s tests are one minute long. With overall assessments lasting 3 minutes. MaDYK provides schools with all of the testing materials and an online system where results can be entered and calculated immediately.

Additionally, there are progress monitoring measures (1-minute equivalent assessments to the benchmark measures) that provide schools with a way to monitor students who were below the benchmark average, while they receive interventions. This allows teachers and administrators to tailor supports to each student. 

MaDYK is dedicated to producing practical and easy to use tools to ensure that each student gets the education they deserve. 

Rabbi Jeiger

What MaDYK has done for us...


MaDYK's data is so powerful as it allows us to break up our students into leveled groups for targeted and meaningful Hebrew language instruction

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